Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Waldorf First Grade - Vowels

These are the vowel fairies. As per usual in a Waldorf classroom, the teacher draws the images beautifully on the chalkboard and the children draw their own into their main lessons books. These are the vowel fairies that were introduced in language arts. And immediately, the vowels go missing.
The children then spend the next several weeks finding the vowels via stories and different geographical locations.

As shared by our teacher, the children learned about the vowels as wondrous angelic beings who were snatched away by a mean wizard and his sister and require rescuing by "traveling" in the four directions. Freeing the vowels means gradually learning what vowels do, and how important they are to writing, speaking, spelling.

I would imagine this is a great way to introduce the vowels, as consonants give words structure and vowels give the words form and flow, right? So, if the vowels go missing, you can't actually form a word!

In this way, the children learn their letters and how to form words. Such a rich learning experience!

The children found "I" in Hawaii and learned some beautiful Hawaiian songs along the way. They then moved to the East to free the vowel "E"..can't remember how they found the rest. :o)

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