Monday, July 27, 2015

P.S. I Made This

Umm, that might be the most GENIUS name for a DIY blog ever! PS I Made This.  I am actually not often on this blog, but I find myself saying this All. The. Time. Of course, because it really is thrilling to have made something.

A few weeks ago, I had lamented on the blog that as a somewhat sewer, I will find some things that I won't buy because I feel I can make it myself. But then that leads to almost never acquiring said object because I almost never get around to making it!

I'm happy to share that I actually did make the comforter bag that I had discovered a while back but decided not to buy because it seemed easy enough to make. I am quite proud of it!

And yeah! I made this. I was so proud of it, I made another one for our other comforter.


  1. You've got mad sewing skills! Hello, your kid's Halloween costume?!