Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why I choose Waldorf education

There are so many reasons why Waldorf education resonates with me.  From the focus on play and storytelling to emphasis on social skills versus rote memorization and academics in the early years to just the overall feel of a Waldorf classroom.  If I had been given the option of a Waldorf education, I'm pretty sure I would've thrived in this environment.

Which is why I have dedicated my past year to running our little Waldorf preschool in the South Bay.  Seeds of Joy Village will start up again this fall at Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach - a magical location for this school .  I am still the main backbone of this school and I gladly take on this task so that children in the South Bay may be exposed to Waldorf education...from here, they can move to Maple Village in Long Beach, until we can grow a Waldorf school here.

Play truly is the child's work in the early years.  But they definitely dive into learning in the grades.  Wonderfully Balanced does a great job of giving a quick, comprehensive overview of the entire Waldorf education on her website.  Phew!   Thanks, Wonderfully Balanced.  And while I'm at it, I think I'll follow her blog.  Happy reading!

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