Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I see red

Photo from Vogue.com

Look at that picture of Taylor Tomasi Hill.  Doesn't that make you just want to go red??  I used to have red hair like that.  Back when I was in high school and shortly after I experimented with quite a few reds - one time going a purpley red which was not good at all though I didn't know it at the time.  Then there was once when I went cherry red and while I really dug that color, I didn't keep it for long because I felt like I had to change my entire makeup routine and clothing choices to complement that bright cherry color.
Sigh...sometimes I get an inkling that I want to change the color of my hair.  But if I did, I'd want to go BOLD.  Not just a mild change but something radical!  The last time I did that was about two years ago when I had the tips of my hair dyed ombre blonde!  Was really cool.  But, alas...I cannot go so bold because I am the face of our Waldorf school - Seeds of Joy Village and I don't think it would go over so well if I had some crazy hair color...add my tattoos to that and those young moms would think our school was some kind of rebellious alternative school rather than the gentle, loving school that it is.  A school that nourishes your child both inside and out...mentally and emotionally.
But I digress!  I am also obsessed with Taylor Tomasi Hill's style!  She rocks it.  I kinda want to be her.

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