Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Media is overrated

We recently took a trip to Whistler, BC. Which I highly recommend. Actually Whistler can be a bit hit or miss. Last year when we went, it was a bit rainy so the snow can get a bit sloggy and the rain just kind of blows.

This year, we were lucky and got snow! And bright sunshine. Good times.

Now back to media being overrated. Before we left for the trip the hubs asked, "do we bring the iPad? Knowing that there is a two hour commute from Vancouver airport to Whistler." I replied, "okay, but we do not offer it. We only bring it out if she absolutely needs it." (And really, when would that be??) Besides, let's not forget that she will have already watched her brain's worth of media whilst on the plane. Darn planes with the tv's in the headrest.

Anyhooo, I'm happy to report that we never once pulled out that stupid iPad. She spent the two hours chatting away, looking at the scenery (hello??! Everyone should be gazing out the window on long car rides. Nature is beautiful). We also played this fun game that I made up and it can last for at least an hour. It's called the name game. I say a name and then she needs to think of another name starting with the last letter from the name I used. Oh, it's so much fun!

I really think that parents should restrict media use. Just think how much a child misses out on when their face is glued to a machine that basically just numbs your brain.

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