Thursday, June 23, 2016 kill or not to kill

The other morning I found a spider in my bathroom. It was a very fast bugger, but as per usual, I caught him in a glass and took him outside. That's generally our approach these days to bugs. We just kindly take them outside. Might be my Buddhist mother-in-law's influence.
That and the fact that my sister-in-law literally picks spiders up in her hand to take them outside. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm afraid of getting bitten and plus, I've seen some really jumpy spiders that really freak me out. :o)

But it really made me think about how when I was younger, I had no problems killing spiders and bugs. And now it seems weird to kill them. Seems unkind to kill another living being. I mean I even take cockroaches out. Yeah, can you believe it? The best way to catch cockroaches, I've found, is with a paper bag. You try to position it just right so the cockroach will run in and then you pick up the bag and dump the cockroach outside. In my case, I just dump it in my neighbor's yard which is just an overgrown plant landscape. No harm there.

I mean, a few years ago, you'd never catch me catching cockroaches! Ewww..I hate the sound their little legs make when running. That awful tip tap noise and they move so fast. So gross. But, catch and release them I do. And, I definitely feel better for doing it.

However, I must say that my "let life live" motto certainly doesn't apply to all bugs. I have to draw the line somewhere, don't I? I really have no problem killing mosquitos. They are detestable and they carry disease. There's ticks..fleas...and ants. Sorry, ants, I wouldn't purposefully smash one but if there was an ant infestation in my house, I'd certainly spray them with peppermint oil. I think that works.

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