Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Joy

Now who can raise their hand to say that Christmas is truly joyful??

Not me. I find Christmas very stressful. When did Xmas change from joyful to stressful?? Oh yeah, when we became the parents instead of the kids. It's so much more stressful giving the presents than receiving. Especially if you are a procrastinator like me. Hence, it's 1am and I've just finished sewing sixteen dinner napkins, a set of eight for each of our two teachers.

And we get something that looks like this!

I realize I bring this on myself. I could very easily run out and get a gift, but for me, Xmas has always been meaningful. Or at least I try. I try to put a lot of thought into my gifts which is why I insist on making my own gifts if I can. Obviously since I may be the world's slowest seamstress, I'm not making a lot of my Xmas presents. But for the teachers, I think they would appreciate this gift, crooked seams and all.