Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whoa..who's been slacking?


Well...not exactly.  I've been so up-to-my-ears running my daughter's school that it leaves very little time for play.  And my blog is play, isn't it?  I would need to play...outside, going to events, shopping, eating, etc to actually have content to post.

All right.  I'm just going to do a little bragging in this post so you all know just what I've been up to.

That's our little Waldorf Early Childhood Education Program. Isn't it sweet? School started on September 3rd so I've been really busy.  Prior to that, the fam and I took a trip to NYC.  I probably could've included some posts from that trip but, again, we were busy!  NYC is the city that never sleeps so neither did we!  More later....

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